A PLASP staff member with two children


“PLASP has a great environment for children and teachers. The HighScope philosophy helps the child learn at their own pace as well as doesn't push the child into needing to learn and helps them to want to learn.” – Ramya Iyer, Parent

"PLASP is an excellent extension to the friendships and learning that my daughter has in her JK classroom." – Leah Nacua, Parent

“PLASP is an excellent program for kids because it is designed for kids to interact and learn without feeling pressured into doing it.  There is a diversity of ethnicities in the program which I think teaches kids to interact with each other without feeling as if each is different from one another. Kids get involved in playing different sports. The after school program allows them to do homework after school and it engages them in different activities such as sports, reading, art, movies etc. Kids are given snacks and that's always a treat. They are rewarded when they do something nice and outstanding among their peers.  The staff is professional, friendly and caring. My son enjoys his time there so much if I arrive early, he gets very upset. I strongly recommend this program.” – Marisa Clarke, Parent

“I trust the quality of care my child receives at both his before and after school PLASP programs.  The content of the programs delivered are an extension of his JK class.  They foster discipline and respect which is an extension of our home.  I would definitely recommend PLASP to other parents interested in this type of care.” – Deborah Walton, Parent

“I love that my kids are in a safe loving environment and they are learning at the same time!” – Shahin Shamji-Allard, Parent

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms. N for all the care, dedication, and love that she provided my daughter in the two years that she was her PLASP teacher.” – Nina Parihar, Parent

“Neither of us have the typical 9-5 work day so we really appreciate the early drop-off and late pick-up – it saves us a lot of stress. We also purchase part-time care packages, which saves us money since we’re not paying full-time fees for services we don’t always need. We wouldn’t get this kind of flexibility from a lot of other providers and we really value that about PLASP.” – Steve Williams, Parent

“I would like to thank the staff at the PLASP Early Learning and Child Care Centre at Fairwind for their compassion, patience and love towards my son.” – Waheza Sheik Hassen, Parent

“If another woman is willing to take care of your child and your child is comfortable enough to want to call them “Mom”, then that’s okay. If your child doesn’t want to go home when you arrive to pick them up, that’s okay too – because it just means they’re well taken care of and they’re having fun.” – Cathy Shim, Parent

“I am grateful for the work Ms. B is currently doing with my youngest son, always pointing out the positive and ensuring he always leaves PLASP with a smile.” – Yvonne Gibbons, Parent

“I would like to express my gratitude and sincere thanks to you for employing someone like Mrs. C in the PLASP program to be there for my son. She has always made it her mission to provide a safe, fun-loving and educational environment for all the children under her care.” – Mrs. S. Fraschini, Parent

"Mrs. M, the kindness, patience and creativity you have shared with my son has had an immeasurable impact on his life, and our family overall.” – Susan and David Langlotz, Parents


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