Orientations & Workshops

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These training sessions are designed to help you get started as a PLASP volunteer, working with children in our programs. Please arrive in:

Training will take place at the PLASP Head Office in Mississauga. PLASP is located at:

60 Courtneypark Drive West, Unit 5
Mississauga, ON  L5W 0B3

The session will take three hours to complete:

  • Orientation - two (2) hours
  • Games Workshop - one (1) hour

Dress code:
When attending the Orientation or Games Workshop, please dress in comfortable clothing and wear running shoes. Please do not wear perfume or cologne as the office has a scent-free environment.

Location of PLASP Program:
In preparation for your session, research at least three PLASP school locations in your neighborhood. To find the closest location, go back to the home page and scroll down to the "Search for Care" box.

NOTE: While on placement, volunteers are never left alone with the children. Volunteers are always under the supervision of PLASP staff.